About NCCA

The Northern California Contractors Association (NCCA) is a unique organization, comprised of Union Framing Contractors dedicated to promoting our industry. As owners and executive officers of framing companies who employ union carpenters, we share common interest and work together to achieve our common goals:

  • To preserve the market of Union Contractors performing work in Northern California.

  • To educate ourselves in a variety of business interests.

  • To strengthen our respective positions with developers and general contractors for whom we perform work.

  • To align ourselves with organizations whose sole purpose is to promote and protect the interests of our industry.

NCCA Mission and Goals

The mission of NCCA is to advocate and to protect the interests of its members with respect to the Carpenters Union and construction industry issues.


  • To continue to improve the working relationship with the Northern California Carpenters Union.

  • To collectively and creatively address the challenges we face as union contractors in Northern California.

  • To work together to strengthen our position with developers, builders, and general contractors.

  • To align ourselves with leading organizations to affect positive change in the construction industry.



  • Established Labor-Management Residential Committee to assist in keeping union residential contractors competitive.

  • Established the Single Family Home Residential Addendum to the master agreement.

  • Representation of the Health & Welfare and Apprenticeship Trust Funds for Northern California. NCCA holds one of seven management seats of each of these Trusts.

  • Establishment of a 180 calendar day period of pre-apprenticeship for residential carpentry work performed in the 10 Bay Area counties at a greatly reduced wage and fringe benefit rate.

  • Reduced wage rates on residential projects in the Bay Area to help keep our members be competitive in the market.

  • Successfully obtained a grant that supports media exposure of the underground economy and flagrant violators of California regulations and wage laws.

  • Joined forces as an active representative with CALPASC and California Enforcement Coalition to level the playing field for all legitimate construction contractors.

What services and benefits do NCCA members receive?

NCCA members derive numerous benefits from the Association:

Negotiations – NCCA members directly participate in negotiating the collective bargaining agreements affecting the framing contractor performing work in Northern California. We have found that collectively we have far more negotiating power, knowing that much of our success can be attributed to the active participation of our members.

Labor Relations Support – NCCA and the Carpenters Union have established the Carpenters Work Preservation Committee, (previously known as the Labor-Management Residential Committee) in an effort to maintain competitive labor costs and to preserve work opportunities for the Union Contractor. In addition, the NCCA assists in resolving labor disputes and provides representation in grievance/arbitration proceedings. Also, the NCCA provides current labor related information, including wage and fringe benefit rates and other important Union issues.

Education – NCCA is dedicated to providing resources to enhance the professional development of every NCCA member.

Networking – NCCA's regular monthly meetings and luncheons are an excellent opportunity for NCCA members to discuss industry challenges and successes with fellow industry executives. The NCCA also hosts an annual luncheon with invited guests of the Northern California Union management team. This luncheon offers members the opportunity to meet and greet with Union officials in a casual atmosphere away from the hectic jobsite. Additionally, the NCCA produces a quarterly bulletin in hopes of providing its members with news affecting them and our industry.

Bid Opportunities – NCCA Membership Roster is placed in a major advertising publication distributed in the San Francisco Greater Bay Area in an effort to offer bid opportunities to its members.

Legislation Representation – NCCA aligns itself with leading organizations that solely represent the subcontractor interest in legislative and regulatory matters affecting the construction industry.


Trust Service – NCCA represents itself on the following Trusts.

  • Apprenticeship Trust & 
    Training Committee

  • Building Industry Trust

  • Residential Contractor Association Trust


Other Benefits – Alliance Membership with California Professional Association of Specialty Contractors


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